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Cow Girl Corset

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The pure blend of chic and cutesy combines into this beautiful elegant outfit that fits your casual lifestyle and can be worn to any occasion. This Beautiful Handmade Stay incorporates a modernized 18th Century look that features the perfect balance of comfort and style that matches your fashion needs.


• 100% Handmade
• 100% Cotton Material
• 100% Poly Cotton Lining
• Adjustable straps
• Lined with Ridgeline Polyester Boning
• Two Matching Scrunchies
• Adjustable Back Lacing Detail

After Care Instructions:

When cleaning the stay use detergent and a damp cloth to spot clean any stains.
IF your Stay requires a deeper clean, it is to be put on a cold wash delicate cycle in the washing machine. You should NOT do this on a regular basis.
You should ONLY do this if your Stay has stains that can’t be removed through hand washing.
Please make sure all ribbons are removed before putting in the washing machine.
DO NOT TUMBLE DRY. Hang up your stay or lay it down to air dry.
When IRONING , use a cooler or lower setting. Please be mindful that the stays contain plastic burning which may be damaged if exposed to high heat
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