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Cherry Fruit Earrings

Size Guide

These Handmade Cherry Fruit Earrings are fashionable and can be worn to any occasion. Not only are they fashionable but they are also durable and safe! Get a personalized item made just for you!!



• The Material is made out of Acrylic

• Silver Plated Hooks

• 2 Pairs of Cherry Fruit design earrings

• Multiple Colors

Do NOT wet these Earrings, Please take off these Earrings when bathing, sleeping, exercising or other strenuous exercises. In order to maintain the shine and value of your jewelry please keep AWAY from harsh chemicals (lotion, perfume, hair products, etc.)


Light pink & Purple
Light pink & Blue
Light Pink & Red
Light Pink & Orange
Light Pink & Yellow
Light pink & Green
Light pink & Dark Pink
Purple & Blue
Purple & Green
Purple & Red
Purple & Yellow
Purple & Orange
Purple & Dark Pink
Blue & Red
Blue & Green
Blue & Yellow
Blue & Orange
Blue & Dark Pink
Green & Orange
Green & Yellow
Green & Dark Pink
Green & Red
Dark pink & Red
Dark pink & Yellow
Dark pink & Orange
Yellow & Orange
Red & orange
Red & Yellow
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